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The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Action Figure (Limited Edition)

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Action Figure (Limited Edition)

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Limited edition Gandalf is features:· Body: Approximately 30 cm tall. Over 36 points of articulation. Headsculpt: Super-detailed head sculpt accurate to the film's actor, with hand-glued real wool beard and hair. Rotatable eyeballs. Hands: One pair palm opened hands. One pair relaxed gestured hands. One pair of weapon holding hands. One finger pointing gestured left hand. One reading gestured left hand Clothing: One handmade fabric wizard hat. One dark grey robe. One dark grey cape. One soiled grey inner shirt. One pair of dark blue pants. One blue leather belt with patterned printing. One pair of handmade fabric boots. Weapons: Glamdring (with elvish printing). Two wizard staffs.

Deluxe edition features the following. This 1/6 scale collectible figure captures Gandalf as the second rank within the Order of the Wizard’s, where he was known as Gandalf The Grey. The InArt team have worked tirelessly to capture Gandalf as we saw him in The Lord Of the Rings: The fellowship Of The Ring (2002). In this sixth scale figure, Gandalf wears his pointed blue hat, long grey robes, cloak, and brown belt while he carries his iconic wooden staff. InArt’s artists have spared no detail, capturing the character’s likeness with stunning accuracy, bringing him to life with the help of his life-like hair made of fine sheeps wool.
Product Size: 12 inches

Product Material: Real Fabric Cloak, Metal Sword, Movable Eyes, Fine Sheeps Wool Hair

Pack list: Dharma staff * 1 Left hand bare * 5 Right hand bare * 3 Sword * 1 Sword scabbard * 1 Envelope * 1 Moth * 1 Ring * 1 Pipe * 1 Book * 1 Package * 1 Hat * 1 Cloak * 1 Belt * 1 Platform * 1 Underwear * 1 Pants * 1 Coat * 1

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