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The One Ring

The One Ring

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This beautiful ring is made enterily of solid stainless steel. On the surface is embossed the elvish runes. The ring is made of stainless steel available in gold and silver color.
Stainless steel do not fade or change color.

When the ring get's charged with rays of the sun or simple UV-torch, the beautiful aquamarina or red-orange glow in the dark will appear. When the ring is fully charged it will glow in the dark.

On gold stainless steel the runes will glow in a beautiful orange/red color
On silver stainless steel the runes will glow in a beautiful and bright aquamarina.

Aquamarina glow is more powerful and glows in the dark for more time than the orange/red glow. For luminous rings, they need to be put under the light in order to absorbt it and then they will glow in the dark.

These rings are available in different sizes, just pick yours from the dropdown menu. The ring can also come with a stainless steel chain to be wear as necklace too. You can choose this style from the menu.

A beautiful gift to share or give to your friends or soulmate.

Details of the object:
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver, gold
Glow: Aquamarina, red/orange
Size: 6US - 7US - 8US - 9US - 10US - 11US - 12US - 13US

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Great product

Ordered the silver luminous ring about 4 weeks ago and it came in great condition! While I haven't been able to test it to see if it glows, it still looks very cool. Fits almost perfectly on my ring finger (though I'm wearing it on my pinky in the photo)

Elijah Woods
It is precious to me...

Felt strangely heavier than expected. Almost as if it is burdensome to wear. I feel quite posessive of it yet... I desire to see it destroyed.


It's really good. I like the writing, the shape and the weight of it.

Michela Quadri

The One Ring

Julio Lara
Thanks you so much

I delivered my neckless and ring. Theyre beautiful. Im very glad. Thanks a lot